Growing up a Digital Leader

Since the start of secondary school, my school-life, self-confidence and general ability have been vastly altered – gladly, in a good way. In Year 7, I applied to join the DLs, which involved sending an inventive Morse-code application and then being interviewed in the head teacher’s office, and soon after was introduced to a new group of people and a new set of challenges. I never had worked in a team like this before, with the age range being from the youngest in the school to the oldest, and so we learnt how to communicate with each other, work together and generally have a laugh – skills which will be useful throughout my life.

I also learnt (and am continually learning) how to present to audience¬†and this has become my favourite type of work that we do. This has been one of the best opportunities for me, and I now have experience training teachers, speaking at conferences and at TeachMeets – all of those in order to help others and spread the use of technology in education. Recently, I have been able to help other DLs to improve their skills and so I hope that students and teachers alike can have an positive influence on their education. Overall, I enjoy being a DL and think that I learn vital skills that you can’t learn in a classroom – as well as helping others. We are changing the world around us and we are being heard.

Ethan Redmond – Digital Leader