Digital Leaders and the HOTT Team

Bhavneet Singh is the Associate Principal at Quinns Beach Primary School in WA. She is without doubt a great advocaten93cajhuy92tuye1adip_bigger for putting yourself out there, innovating and leading change. Her involvement in TeachMeets and her presence on social media are well-known. Yet, what is probably less well known about @BhavneetSingh12 is her thorough and professional approach to empowering students with technology. She goes through the following process:

  • Advertises the jobs to the students
  • Provides a very detailed position description
  • Has the students apply with an Expression of Interest signed by student and parent
  • Interviews the students
  • Ask for references from both teachers AND parents
  • Appoints those suitable

Let’s just pause a minute and remember this is primary school. How authentic, though. How significant and important these roles become as a result of the process. And as a result everyone in the school benefits.

Perhaps anybody with doubts as to worth of Digital Leaders needs to have a look at Quinns Beach Primary School’s Digital Leaders on Youtube and for the full details of Bhavneet’s process, see this Digital Leaders presentation and supporting documentation here.

Information provided through various channels by Bhavneet Singh