The Seaford Eteam

Jennie Fraser who is in charge of Digital Pedagogy at Seaford High School clearly has a vision for her role and the school. You can see that here. She got in touch with OzDLs a few months ago and what a pleasure it has been to see her empowering students with technology as a key part of realising her vision. But don’t take mine or Jennie’s word for it, have a look at what the students recently said in their blogs about that they have been doing and how they feel about it:

Kristian Year 11

What we’ve done:
We have made a powerpoint presentation for the library, which is in show for the community, this powerpoint describes some of the things we do here at Seaford Secondary College.
We’ve held a community presentation, where the elderly of our community could come in and our team showed them the most beneficial aspects of a range of ICT devices.
We’ve held a workshop for middle school students in order to improve their quality of work, by showing them different things you can do with programmes such as Microsoft Word 2011. We’ve done this in order to improve our technological knowledge in our school.
We have been booked to teach entire classes to help the students with what they have been doing, for example; helping middle school students with iMovie, a programme where you can edit videos.

What was good about it:
We, the E-Team, as students, have learnt some features of the programmes we were teaching, for example; columns, tables and editing pictures.
We, the E-Team, as mentors, have bettered ourselves with teaching other students and peers, gained valuable leadership skills and perhaps even some friendships.
The other students have gained technological knowledge and valuable skills with computing which will hopefully help them in the future to be more advanced with their work.

What we hope to do in the future:
We hope to continue improving our middle school students technological stand.
We will be teaching students how to use Microsoft Excel 2011 and iMovie on the Macintosh computers and laptops our school provides.
We want to be able to go into other schools, such as primary schools, in order to provide help for them and hold presentations for classes.

Nathan Year 9

What we did:
We organised multiple workshops with the middle school students where we helped them learn some of the basic and not so basic features of the Office programs and Macintosh operating system to help improve the quality of work and speed of production.

What was good about it:
I believe that within the workshops we have learnt more about the programs we were using as well as learning how to better teach others. I also believe that we have successfully taught some of the students and most importantly I believe that the students enjoyed it as much as they could.

What we hope to do in the future:
We want to go into primary schools and community places to help other members of the public with computing skills. We also plan on creating tutorials on our school Moodle.

Deanna Year 9

What we did:
What we basically did was we were given a year seven class to tutor. We taught them the basics on word. One thing on word we focused on was tables. We showed them how to make a table, to insert images to the table and also how to delete and merge cells.
We also focused on the text side of things. If someone accidentally pressed caps lock when typing and they wrote a long paragraph, there is a better way that deleting all that you have written. If you highlight your piece of writing you then go up to the top of the screen and there is a format button. If you go down the format button there is a change case button. You click and you press the lowercase dot. Press ok and there is no need to delete your writing and write it again                         Also we taught them how to edit a photo on word. Changing the saturation to changing the shape and much much more.

What was good about it:
The good thing about tutoring the year seven class was that that knowing that we could partly change and improve their ways to do their assignments. Therefor possibly giving them higher grades than before.

My plans for the future:
My plans for the future would be possibly going to the Seafood Primary school and teaching the years from 4-6 years. Or even starting from a young age so that they have that skill growing up and they will be able to use them in their high school experience.