Are workshops hitting the mark?

Today during the ACEC workshops which we attended, we found that they just relayed information that is easily accessible on the Internet.

The first workshop: YouTube in the classroom, was how to use YouTube and what all the different buttons do. Do teachers really need this? For children growing up in this era technology is their life, including YouTube. A teacher doesn’t need to take a ‘How To Course’ for YouTube, when they have the experts right in front of them – the students. The students are also there to help. I was disappointed that the workshop didn’t show how YouTube is beneficial to people’s learning and how it could be used as a learning tool.

It was really clear to me that the teachers in the workshop were enjoying themselves and found the information useful, but form a student perspective, I feel that the teachers could have used this time more effictly – the students have all the answers when it comes to YouTube.

The other two workshops: ‘parents opinion towards the use of iPads’ and ‘iPads and early creativity and collaboration’. Those workshops just relayed information from studies that they conducted. The information from the studies was telling the audience the facts, not how to apply the ideas conveyed. It would of been great if the speakers talked not just what they did but how others can apply it to their classes.

From a students perspective it is great to teach the teacher something because we are all at school to help one another, whilst learning something.

By Hannah year 11 and Brandon year 11, 1/10/14.

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