Reflection from our time with Alec Couros

We’re Isbah aimagend Deepali . We are year ten students and are part of the digital leaders thought group. We spent our morning with Alec Couros. Alec gave a presentation about social media and technology that we have access to in order to connect with others on a bigger scale. He talks about the positive side to it and is trying to persuade people to use technology, be part of technology and include technology in education. No doubt it was a brilliant presentation (it was really engaging and including loads of funny videos) but, we personally, believe that he didn’t show the negative side of using technology in schools and classrooms. The negative side can result in low self-esteem, cyber-bullying and privacy issues because everything will be on social media the individuals may have low communication skills. These are just some of the issues which can result from using technology in school. We believe that technology has a bright side to it but involving it in schools can be a big issue. The idea of using technology is good, but will this help every single student? Can it help all students and will it be a good idea? As young students, we have millions of questions in our mind which don’t all have a one answer to it, as everyone has a different opinion.

We think peoimageple with different ways of learning should be respected and should be given a fair chance to prove their ability without using too much technology, after all we are all great individuals. Even though Mr Couros didn’t mention solutions to some of the downsides (negatives) of using too much technology, his arguments to try and persuade people to use technology to share their views was worth applauding. The thing we liked best about his presentation was that he engaged the viewers as well as getting his point across. There is no doubt that technology improves literacy skills and teaches people something new every day. Mr Couros used great examples during his presentation, and even included examples where tech hindered us, but gave inspiring, fun examples of the amazing tech can do. However, we still do not completely agree with the fact that technology should continuously be used to learn as we can still learn by talking to different people face to face. This can help improve communication skills and boost self-esteem, which will help a lot when looking for careers to do with people, for example- teaching.



2 thoughts on “Reflection from our time with Alec Couros

  1. Hi Isbah and Deepali,
    Firstly, it is fantastic to have Digital Leaders present and give reflection at a conference. After all, it is all about learning….about you. I am not at the conference, but am loving keeping track of key note presenters and workshops. So, your comments are really valuable. I think your perspective keeps technology use very real. Conversations with people face to face and building relationships are also critical to learning. I look forward to more blogs from you all!

    Kadri Auvaart

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