Digital Leaders

IMG_3365A UK phenomenon in empowering young people in schools is now here in Australia. Come and join us and empower the students in your school.

What are Digital Leaders?

Technology is at the beating heart of considerable change in education and this will only continue to grow.The six million dollar question…

Is your school struggling to keep pace?

Where is the time to keep abreast of developments, innovate and lead change?

Where are the finances to fund all this?

The answer lies in your students. Harness that power, discover their knowledge and nurture their talents.

Digital Leaders are simply students chosen for positions of responsibility in school in relation to technology. 

Although that may seem like a very broad definition, the flexibility of Digital Leader schemes allows for this. The onus is on each individual school to decide how to use students’ skills and expertise to enhance the use of technologies in schools.

OzDLs wants to help you with the process through the Support Programs but most of all OzDLs wants you to join us.