Empowered students with technology disturb my weekend

There I was minding my own business and enjoying a long weekend courtesy of the Adelaide Cup Day on Monday, when I take a wee look at Twitter and I see a delude of tweets from #voiceed2014 about @1moniqued and her Student techies. She has empowered her students through her role as Leader of E-Learning at Gilroy Catholic College in NSW. The tweets told me how she has created such a lovely morph of the #OzDLs concept that I can’t help but smile from ear to ear. I love her use of Edmodo in the process but most of all, I love how and why she has set up the program and what she sees happening as a result of it. Here is a great summary through her presentation: Haikudeck for Voice Ed 2014

Reflection is such a wonderful thing to do and going back to Monique’s original thoughts here, shows how something so simple yet passion-led can produce something so powerful in education. Yet, what this also reminds me and should remind anybody considering empowering students:

  1. It is not difficult. In fact it really is quite simple. As Monique says, “The concept of peer coaching is a no-brainer. I know from experience that students helping students peer-peer in a classroom or school context works.”
  2. You can make Student Digital Leader concepts work if you are passionate about it and clear about why you want to do it in the first place. Do not put the logistics, the hurdles in place. Instead, look to what you want to achieve and then consider how you are going to make it happen. (Sounds like the work of a problem solver to me!!)

Read about the full exploits of Monique’s version of Digital Leaders on her blog.

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