Why OzDLs?

Digital Leaders represents an unique area of all our lives where the playing field is ‘not level’ but is a real mish-mash of experience and knowledge that has nothing to do with age, gender or, to some degree, intelligence. In other words, if we say we have two sets of people involved in education:

  1. Young people (students)
  2. Adults (teachers, teaching assistants, senior leaders in schools, parents)

But both of these sets are also part of the ongoing technological revolution and within the sets there are some who enjoy/are good with/are afraid of/need help with/keep abreast of/etc etc etc…..technology. Therefore, this offers a very real opportunity for a community of practice to develop in an education setting where collaboration and sharing are at the heart of advancing what is offered.

The barriers are broken down by this ‘uneven playing surface’. It is a chance to give away elements of control to those who can and want to push things forward with technology. Digital Leaders = School Improvement

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