DLTG – Digital Leaders Thought Group

For the first time in the history of education, a group of trained students will attend a national education conference and be an integral part in addressing how the theme of “Now Its Personal” develops throughout the 3 days. At ACEC2014, they will provide their perspectives after attending all keynote presentations, questioning the keynote presenters in a panel format, having free reign to attend workshops and sessions, mingle with delegates and provide tech support. The Digital Leaders Thought Group will be given an official voice in the social media ‘backchannel’ to share their thoughts and observations.

Not only that but they will also be taking over this blog! Everything from now until the end of the conference will be their words, their views, their reflections, their voice, their calls to action.

“why be on the waltzers when you can be on the rollercoaster” (anon)

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