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Today on the 2nd of October Daniel and I attended the 2nd day of the ACEC 2014 event hosted at the Adelaide convention centre. We attended the e-portfolio presentation held by Anthony Speranza. His presentation was based around the idea of using various google apps to cover certain literacy parts of the school curriculum. He wasn’t disregarding the use of pen and paper or physical work, just the fact that digitally, work is more interesting for students to achieve better in when its online or on a device. I agree with Anthony’s presentation, as being a student I find that working on a device increases my work ethic and makes my world look more presentable and fluent then it does on paper.
By Cameron

In Anthony’s presentation on Google Apps, the primary focus was incorporating technology into teaching. It is not a complete replacement for the traditional method of using pen and paper, rather a supplement. He emphasised the simplicity of using many features of Google to compliment each other (google docs & google drive ect.) Using these programs, students will be able to create an e-portfolio that they are proud of (not throw away after school) and build on from primary school, throughout high school and beyond. It however, it not limited to portfolios. It can enhance standard work as well, making it more professional and accessible from anywhere.
By Daniel

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